Astrology Reading

Pandith Vishwanath Astrology Reading Your personal astrology reading by Vishwanath is based on your

birth date, time, and location,

as well as specific questions or areas of life you would like to explore.

Your first appointment is a comprehensive life reading that examines your basic nature, your gifts and challenges as well as the karmic issues you are working on in this lifetime. All areas of life are considered, including relationships, career, health and best spiritual or yogic practices. In addition, you will learn about the current cycle of transformation you are experiencing and how to plan for and anticipate the coming changes in your life.

Follow-up readings, if desired, can be done around your birthday or when you are considering major life changes. Readings may be done in person in the Austirlia, sydney area or with Mehtab in workshops and trainings, or by phone or through Skype.

Readings may be scheduled for 60 or 90 minutes.

The 60 minute reading is excellent for:

An introduction to your birth chart
Answering specific questions
Follow-up appointments & yearly updates
A 90 minute reading is recommended for:
Discussing several areas of your life in depth
Exploring another person’s birth chart as well as your own chart
Guidance on yoga practices and/or gemstone prescriptions

You may record the reading, take notes, or simply listen.


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